Applications of mechatronic

Cutting-edge technology

  • We design and develop solutions for some of the largest factories in Greece
  • Close to the customer and more competitive than European manufacturing companies
  • We provide efficient and in a short time, reliable solutions to special technical problems and original constructions.κατασκευές.

The design is carried out with modern and specialized design and computer programs in a three-dimensional environment, while there is complete control of the layout and kinematics of the mechanisms.

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) methods are used to calculate machine components (bearings, springs, axles, etc.) and analyze the dynamics and durability of critical parts.

In addition, the ergonomics of the machines are checked in a virtual reality environment. In this way, we get the user experience information before construction, resulting in a mature final product.

automated winding machine

Parts design: We undertake the design of new or old (damaged or worn) parts. We offer technology for reverse engineering with digital printing of 3D objects.

Machinery design: We undertake the design of complete machines and production lines.

Our priority is the quality of the materials from the most recognized and reliable manufacturers in the field of mechanical parts and automation systems such as: Festo, SKF, Bosh, Motovario, Siemens, IKO, Rittal, Beckhoff, Kuebler, Panasonic, Reer, Sneider electric, SICK …).

The design starts from the concept design in consultation with the customer. Then, after capturing the data and deciding on the basic concept, the detailed design begins and finally, the construction plans are drawn up.

Parts and machinery design

In addition, using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), parts production is done on automated CNC machining.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the mechanical parts market. In the design and construction, depending on the requirements, specialized solutions and parts are used in order to achieve the highest specifications.

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