Energy Audits

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

The Energy Audit of Buildings was also institutionalized in our country under the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation (“KENAK”) and the Presidential Decree concerning Energy Inspectors, as well as the establishment of the Energy Inspection Departments. By implementing “KENAK”, which replaces the thermal insulation study (since 30/03/10), an energy efficiency study is now required for the building permit issuance, while issuing of Energy Performance Certificate is a prerequisite for the property transfer or rental of buildings and has become mandatory since 09/01/11. Ιssuing of EPC has also become mandatory for the rental of part of a building since 09/07/11. The certificate will be issued for any new or radically renovated building over 50m2 as well as for all existing ones intended for sale or rent.

The EPC is issued by an accredited energy inspector and it is the obligation of the landlord to provide this document to the buyer or tenant. The owner provides the Energy Inspector with all the necessary information (architectural plans, E/M studies, etc.) while giving him the opportunity to carry out an energy inspection inside the building. The certificate classifies the building in a specific energy class from A + to H. Before proceeding with a purchase and sale transaction, the notary must indicate in the contract the unique protocol number corresponding to the EPC for the specific building.