The Safety Technician gives advice on design, planning, construction and maintenance of facilities, new product introduction process, procurement of tools and equipment, selection and control of the effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment, preparing and developing the position and working environment and, in general, organizing the production process.

The Safety Technician, also, checks the safety of facilities and technical resources prior to their operation as well as the production processes and working methods prior to their implementation, while supervising the implementation of Safety Procedures and accident prevention, updating thereafter the relevant heads of sections or the company administrator.

A Safety Technician’s main concern is to identify the sources of occupational risk and to record prevention measures that must be taken to control the risks and protect the employees. For this purpose, he visits each establishment of the company at a predetermined time, having been set by the labor inspectorate.

During his visits, he carries out inspections in all areas and workplaces, in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and prevention of occupational accidents.

The Safety Technician’s responsibilities also include the following:

  • Propose and supervise the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Draft instructions for safe implementation of work, informing employees.
  • Supervise the execution of fire safety and alarm exercises, determining readiness to deal with any accidents.
  • Investigate the causes of work accidents according to article 15 of Law 3850/2010.
  • Orally inform the employer of its findings, proposing remedial actions, upon completion of an audit.
  • Enter any of his suggestions in the special instruction book of the installation.

On this basis, the Written Occupational Risk Assessment is prepared for the installation, according to the provisions of Law 3850/2010.

The Safety Technician is required to maintain professional / business confidentiality.

  • Occupational Risk Assessment
  • Education
  • Emergency Plans
  • Factor Measurement
  • Safety Coordinator

We have more than 10 years of experience and 2500 hours in the field, in a demanding industrial environment. As we design, manufacture and certify mechanical equipment, we know the source of the technical risk and so we can propose targeted and effective interventions that reduce occupational risk in practice, while improving the production process. Enemerch has experience across a wide range of businesses, covering hotels, packaging industries, bottling companies, food and beverage industries, carpentry shops, gas stations, glass forming crafts, concrete manufacturing companies, machine shops, iron millers, trade, etc.